Hibernium in short

Hibernium is a monitoring service of thermosensitive products used in biotechnological research. When a product is altered due to incorrect temperature management, its quality and functionality may be compromised. Lack of control and information throughout the product life cycle remains a problem that Hiberniun solves. In fact, with the use of IoT sensors, 24/7 monitoring of the product is guaranteed, the relative data is used to compile Smart Contract which is protected, guaranteed and made visible thanks to blockchain technology.


The service alerts the customer and the transport company in real time of a possible problem. At first the transport company will recover the shipment, in case it fails to do so the refund procedures begin.


One of the most innovative solutions of Hibernium allowed by blockchain technology is that none of the participants has control and management of IoT sensor detections.


Thanks to the smart contract the refund process is automated and speeded up. The customer can also choose whether, following an alteration, to have the product returned directly a second time.


Throughout the cold chain no one is aware of the status of the product. Data loggers on the market can be easily counterfeited. The technologies behind Hibernium do not allow data alteration to occur.


A continuous monitoring system allows all participants in the process to view and actively intervene to prevent a possible alteration of the shipment.


The blockchain technology to date is the safest tool where to exchange data and values thanks to its structure and architecture. Any data detected by IoT sensors will be maintained and protected thanks to this technology.


Hibernium for Biotechnology

Today biotechnology plays a key role in many innovative sectors. In the pharmaceutical and medical field they have significantly accelerated research for anticancer drugs, antibiotics and vaccines, finding every day innovative solutions and new targets to defeat previously incurable diseases. In the industrial sector the results of the research are daily visible to us as the optimization of fermentation processes for alcoholic beverages, the creation of new biological compounds and active molecules used in most hygiene and cleaning products. Plant biotechnology has the arduous goal of solving world hunger and facing the continuous deforestation that our planet suffers. Thanks to this broad spectrum of action, Biotechnology is one of the fastest growing sectors of the global economy. 

The three technologies behind Hibernium

IoT Sensors

IoT (acronym for Internet of things) is the set of technologies that allows you to connect several real objects to the Internet. A tangible example of this technology can be found in domotics, where the interaction and exchange of information between objects and users is allowed thanks to the Internet and specific applications.

Smart Contract

A Smart Contract, or intelligent contract, is the "translation" in code of a contract that automatically verifies the fulfilment of certain conditions and in response to perform specific actions. In the case of Hibernium, if the client finds an alteration, the smart contract automatically triggers an immediate request for reimbursement.


Blockchain is a technology born and developed in recent years, which is finding wide applicability in multiple fields. The main features of blockchain technologies are the immutability of the register, transparency, traceability of transactions and security based on cryptographic techniques.