Choose the best to protect your products

With Hibernium you ensure the quality of your experiment by monitoring your thermosensitive biotech products 24/7, using IoT sensors and blockchain technology.

Why Hibernium


Following the product's cold chain with IoT sensors means being able to follow the management and maintenance of the product during its life cycle, to be sure to work with high quality products.

Immediate refund

The waiting time for the refund and the receipt of a new product can be very long. The use of Smart Contract allows to optimize the refund process using Smart Contact, avoiding long and tedious waits that take the researcher away from his work.  

High quality

The use of high quality products is a necessary condition for the effectiveness of the experiment. Hibernium certifies the absence of product alterations throughout the entire supply chain, from production to delivery to the final customer.

Discover how Hibernium works

Hibernium is a totally customer-focused service, which simplifies and speeds up the dynamics of reimbursement

Do you work in the world of research?

With Hibernium you have the right tool to enhance and improve the quality of your experiments.
Do not risk compromising them by using altered material.
Protect and control your product with Hibenium.

Monitoring 24/7

Continuous control of your product thanks to IoT sensors.

Cost saving

The optimization of delivery processes allows you to recover all shipments that would normally go to waste.

Time saving

Gain energy and time by automating reimbursement procedures.


All IoT sensor readings are visible and unalterable by all participants in the delivery process.

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