Our Team

Andrea Giacoia

Co-founder & CEO

Ludovico Dragoni 

Co-founder  & MD

Federico Leggiero


Cristina Colosi

Technology Advisor

Massimo Di Gregorio

Business Advisor


The strength of the Hibernium team comes from the deep knowledge that the components of their sectors have, which allows the worlds of biotechnology research and the most innovative technologies in the digital sector and Fintech to meet. The strong collaboration that binds all team members allows them to have a holistic vision and principles in common, to grow as individuals and as a company.

The principles and values on which we base ourselves are:

  • Biological vision: a company as a complex organism where the cooperation between the different components is fundamental not only for the mere survival, but to stand out and evolve continuously
  • Moral integrity: Create an environment where it is acceptable to make mistakes, but unacceptable not to learn from one's mistakes
  • Collaboration and alliance of brains to achieve the goals, otherwise unattainable individually 
  • Customer Orientation.

Our Goals

The shared goal is not only to create a new company, but to make a radical change in quality, safety and efficiency in the world of biotechnology that we consider one of the most important for the evolution of society and bring this service to become a standard in research excellence.

All this by exploiting three technologies destined to radically change the world's technological landscape thanks to their characteristics.

Our will is to create an ecosystem of large companies totally transparent, high confidence, maintaining a high quality of products delivered.